Junction Flea and Farmers Market. North Texas Farmers Market Project coming to Dallas Fort worth.
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Junction Flea & Farmers Market Project

Passion is key

-Tasia Felix

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I am so excited to be apart of Dfw's new flea and Farmers Market. Coming soon to Irving Texas, and serving all of North Texas.

Southern Junction Irving is a large event venue and sits on over 4 acres of property. The outdoor space is huge, it has a covered outdoor area of about 25 thousand square feet. "This is a perfect Place for a Flea Market" Says Tony, One of the Owners of the Property. He looks at me and says, "lets get it going!" Uhh Okay", I said with some hesitstion and a bit paralyzed on where to begin. but there are a few motos in which i live my life #1 everything is figur-outable, #2 You need a team , and #3 Passion in key. These motos have proven success in my relationships, my hobbies, and most importantly, in this situation, in my bussiness.

well that very night, I created a post on social media, and reached out to farmers, craft vendors, food truck vendors, flea market vendors. it was a simple post wich read "Vendors wanted for a new Flea& FArmers Market coming to dallas/Fort worth. covered outdoor space, indoor beer garden, cocktail bar food vendors, kid activities!" I closed my laptop, went to bed, and the next morning when i checked my messages, i had a flood of comments, close to 100 emails to respond too, and numerous voice messages. I thought "wow! this is really going to work!" i have #3 moto already. I have the passion to inspire others and i have always had a desire to grow community. so that is what junction will become:


Junction Flea & Farmers Market is excited to be a part of enriching the community by encouraging and supporting the growth of Entrepreneurs, Artist, and Musicians!

Irving, TX, Ya'll! This is the Junction! the meeting grounds. A place for everyone to gather, network, meet new friends, bring the family, and to get inspired!



the "passion is key" moto isnt just coming from me, after seeing the messages, and coninuing to get responsise every day, i know that this is what the community wants, maybe even itching for for so long! Tony had a great idea, Im happy to be apart of his team. now we all share a visiion of a venue space that grows community!

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